3 Step guide to read, understand & attempt an accounting exam

Reading the question paper accurately, and understanding precisely is one of the biggest goals of students in an accounting exam. However, because of the time shortage this goal frequently remains unfulfilled. Resulting inaccuracy in solutions, and occasionally they leave an entire question because of time shortage.
Keeping this problem in view. I have developed this three step guide to help  students to overcome this problem.

1) Read completely/entirely. 

When you start to read an accounting question in the exam. Make sure you read all of the facts & figures, adjustments and additional information with complete accuracy. Never leave a single line of a question unread.  Reading all of the facts and figures will help you develop the solution more accurate. Moreover it will also increase your efficiency. So that you can also cope with the time shortage problem.

2) Develop most possible solution while reading. 

To increase your efficiency, and attempt the exam precisely. Think about the most possible solution while reading. This practice will help you To cope with the time shortage problem. And will also help you in making your answer more precise. But never omit any main requirement of the question for the development of solution while reading. Only leave the unnecessary calculations/adjustments.

3) Don't rush.

Being fresh and active in exam is very important. Most students don't concentrate on this and develop palpitations.

Not getting enough sleep, under preparation of exams, being on a wrong diet are the main reasons for the development of palpitations and the only way to deal with exam palpitations is by following these steps.

• Make sure you have world over knowledge on your subject and have a strong grip on the main topics. 

• Must sleep for 6-7 hours before exams to feel fully fresh.

• Have a good revision of every topic in the syllabus.

• Consume a well balanced diet.