Acquisition of Personal computers.

Difficulty level: Normal.

On July 1st 20XX,
Mr Hussnain acquired 10 computer system having a list price of Rs. 140,400 each from “Qualitative computers”. following are the other transactions related to this acquisition.

  1. Sales tax @ 17% included in list price (refundable).
  2. Trade discount allowed@ 10%.
  3. Cash discount allowed@ 5% if final payment was made before 25th July.
  4. Transportation charges Rs.5000.
  5. Insurance (In-transit) Rs.12000.
  6. Installation charges Rs.600 each.
  7. Mr hussnain also signed a maintenance contract for 2 years. The computers will be provided monthly service from qualitative computers for Rs.200 per annum.


Compute the cost that should be capitalised in the books of Mr Hussnain.

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