4 ways to improve your writing skills for case studies

Achieving good writing skills is the most troublesome, yet a very important part of solving case studies. Many students struggle because of their poor writing skills, and always think how to improve their writing skills. Students not only suffer a great loss of marks in exams, but also lose their morale for not being able write their answers effectively. ( To be clear, this article is about improving writing skills & not handwriting.). There are many ways to improve writing skills from which we have gathered four steps to improve writing skills for case studies.

1. Write &, check.

This is a simple practice that you can make start now, and make it part of your daily  routine for improvement in your writing skills. There are four steps to start this practice.

  • Find a case study with its correct answer.
  • Read the case study (But not the correct answer, not yet!) and write your own answer.
  • Now check your answer, and find as many mistakes as you can, and correct them subsiquently.
  • Now match your answer with the correct answer and check that how correct your answer is.

(Note: This method is inspired by Sir. Khalid Petiwala(CA).)

2. Improving your Grammar.

Grammer is the most important subject that you need to improve for good writing skills. Poor grammar will not only make your writing look lousy, but will also cause conceptual errors in your answers. As you will not be able to explain your concepts without producing proper sentences in adequate grammatical sequences.

3. Complete your learning.

Complete your learning of all the topics in your syllabus thoroughly before solving any case study. As this practice will increasr your confidence, and boost your morale. That will improve your chances of getting your answers more accurate with less chances making mistakes. Complete your learning at least ten days before exams to be able to practice step 1 for ten days before yours exams, or some test.

4. Know your subject.

You need to have world over knowledge of your subject before you start to solve any case study because it will provide you with a confidence which is the most important element in improving writing skills.

To achieve good writing skills and get satisfactory results. it will take time and a lot of effort on your part. Improving writing skills is a constant struggle even in your professional life. All you can do is practice, and develop a habit of writing, & you will achieve your desired goals.