7 Struggles of every business student ever.

For some, studying business might be their passion, and turning your passion into your profession is the main goal for many. However, when you are a beginner at anything you may sure face many struggles to fulfil your goals. Following are the 7 most common struggles faced by business students.

1. What is accounting?

Students struggle in accounting because of its Complex terminologies, principles and formats. However, with enough practice, and concept building. Many students make accounting their strength rather than their weakness. 

2. Improving writing skills.

Another most common struggle faced by Business students is to improve their writing skills. Improving writing skills do not necessarily mean improving one’s handwriting or grammatical structures. It means how you draft your Answers, solve case studies and, how strong your concepts are on the subject matter. Moreover, improving writing skills is a constant struggle for many students and even professionals.

3. Economics graphs.

Understanding economic concepts is one challenge, but plotting its graph is far more challenging. For instance, Drawing cost curves (which include total and unit cost curves. ) which get very messy, and confusing (With its variables and crucial data.). Just like cost curve Economics is full of challenging concepts and troublesome graphs.

4. Finding reference books.

Business studies has very elaborate field of subject. From Corporate Law to Economics. Every subject has diverse topics from each other. These topic requires many reference books to study from. Finding reference books gets very challenging, and tough.

5. Rote learning.

Rote learning is always discouraged in business studies. However, many students end up memorizing their lessons due to time shortage in exams or lengthy syllabus. Especially in Business Law and other theoretical subjects.

6. Education vs Reality.

Business education is very different from its practical application. In studying you solve case studies, practice accounting questions, and develop strong concepts. However, in practical life business problems gets far more complicated & ambitious. It gets very troubling & messed-up specially for students on their internship.

7. Managing Assignments.

One of the most complained struggle of business students is managing their assignments. Having to do all the reasearch for their projects, than gathering that reaseach all together to present a great peace of work to please their teacher is very tough. Specially when you are studying in a very distinctive field like 'Business'.

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