General journal of Mr. Dabloo

Mr. Dabloo is starting his business of grocery store as a sole-trader. His policy is to earn 10% profit on cost. Following are details of transactions for the first month of his business.

  1. Invested total capital amounted to 2,000,000. Comprises of Bank, Furniture, Refrigerator, fittings & office supplies in the ratio 6:5:4:3:2 respectively.
  2. Purchased merchandise on account from Mr. Ajeeb amounting to 200,000.
  3. Sold goods on cash 88,000
  4. Bought office stationary on cash 5,000.
  5. Sold Merchandise to Mr. Kambal on account 110,000
  6. Bought goods from Mr. Samosa on account 300,000
  7. Paid 100,000 to Mr. Ajeeb by cheque.
  8. Purchased goods on cash 50,000
  9. Invested additional cash 300,000
  10. Paid Remaining debt of Mr. Ajeeb.
  11. Sold goods on cheque 220,000.
  12. Paid 100,000 to Mr. Samosa.
  13. Received cheque of 110,000 from Mr. Kambal.
  14. Paid salary of shop worker 35,000
  15. Paid utility bills for his home and grocery store amounted to 20,000 & 60,000 from cash till.
Required: prepare general journal or general ledger.