Prepare Cash/ Bank book of Mr adeel.

Mr. Adeel is a sole trader engaged in the business of trading autoparts. Following are the details of his Receipts, & Payments.

  1. Cash opening balance: 10,000.
  2. Bank opening balance: 25,000.
  3. Paid 2,000 to Mr. Saleem by cash.
  4. Sold merchandise amounted to 12,000 on cash.
  5. Received a cheque from Mr. Salman of 35,000.
  6. Purchased office supplies for 5,000 on cash.
  7. Paid Mr. Hannan a cheque of 10,000
  8. Sold goods to Mr. Salman of 6,000 on credit.
  9. Paid salary expense 20,000 by cheque.
  10. Took 2000 out of cash till for personal expenses.

REQUIRED: Prepare 2 Column cash book for Mr. Adeel.