Two column Cash Book of Mr. Faisal | A jewellery dealer

Mr. Faisal is a renowned jeweller Dealer. Known for his exclusive designs & exquite work. He has appointed you as his Cash bookkeeper. Following are the details of his transactions for the month.
  1. Opening balances of Cash & Bank were: 500,000(DR), 350,000(DR).
  2. Received a cheques from Mr. Anas 200,000.
  3. Sold jewellery to Mr. Zohaib of 500,000. He pais 50% by cheque & rest in cash.
  4. Paid 300,000 to Mr. Salman by cheque.
  5. Deposited 300,000 cash in to bank.
  6. Purchased 6 gold sets at a cost of 200,000 each on account from Mr. Salman.
  7. Installed 10 bulbs at 200 each paid in cash.
  8. Sold two gold sets at 220,000 each on cheque.
  9. Paid shop rent By cash 150,000.
  10. Paid 400,000 to Mr salman by cheque.
  11. Puchased 2 designer sets from Mr. Sukoon for 350,000, & 245,000 on account
  12. Took 50,000 out of cash till for personal expenses.
  13. Sold one designer set on cash 400,000.
  14. Paid 350,000 to Mr. Sukoon
  15. Paid salary expense 35,000.
Requirement: Prepare two column cash book of Mr. Faisal