Three column cash book of Mr. Salman | A Book store owner.

Mr. Salman has a book store in a locality in karachi. He deals in comic-books, novels and biographical books. Following are his cash/ bank transactions:

  1. Opening balances 690,000, & 420,000 of Bank, & cash respectively.
  2. Sold furniture on cash 250,000
  3. Paid 300,000 cash in to bank.
  4. Received 90,000 in cash from Mr. Annu after allowing him 10% discount.
  5. Paid rent 60,000 by bank.
  6. Purchased furniture from Mr. Kabari of 500,000 piad by cheque.
  7. Paid insurance 50,000 in cash for two months.
  8. Paid 180,000 by cheque to Mr. Pannu in full settlement of his account of 200,000
  9. Paid rest of the cash in bank.
Required: three column cash book of mr salman.