5 Ps of time management in an accounting exam

Time management in exams is a very big concern of  many students. Frequently students complain that they did not have enough time to completely and accurately attempt all required questions because of time shortage. This is a very serious problem, as it can potentially cause a huge loss of marks and even failure sometimes. However, This issue can be resolved with complete dedication and proper concentration on the following approach.

1) Punctuality

Attending your classes daily and reaching your college school on time, is a very important step to improve time management skills. Your punctuality in a school/college will help you reach your examination centre on time. Moreover, it will also improve your time management skills.

2) Pace

Writing pace plays a very important role in exams. Slow writing pace  is a biggest reason for lack of time management. Increase in writing pace will help you to completely attempt your exam in the given time .
To increase your writing pace in exams. You can seek help from your timer. For example. If the given time to complete the exam is 180 minutes. Then, set a timer for 180 minutes and pick up past examined question paper and try to solve it in the given time. Keep repeating this practice until you reach your desired milestones.

3) Preparation

Mostly students fail2 to manage time in exams, because they do not pay attention towards this problem. From the start of the semester your main gold should be passing the exams with good marks and this goal can only be achieved by complete dedication and full preparation. Good preparation of exams gives a boost to your confidence. And a confident student can manage time in exams with accuracy and efficiency.

4) Practice

Practicing of every topic in the syllabus increases your efficiency and accuracy. And these two components are the essence of time management. Efficiency and accuracy cannot be achieved in a day. It is a slow process and can only be achieved by continuing practice throughout the semester.

5) Potential

Good time management skill in exam can be achieved by increasing in a student's potential. If a student is struggling in exams and he is not able to answer all required question. Then he must increase his potential. To increase potential and student must work on Punctuality, Pace, Preparation and Practice collectively.