Two column Cash book of Mr. ADEEL, Mango Seller

Mr. Adeel is an emerging business, and in this season of mangos he has decided to open a Retail shop for Mangoes. For this purpose. He has Deposited 1,000,000 in his business account. You are appointed as a bookkeeper for his cash book. Following are the details of his transactions for the month of January 20XX.

  • Purchased 50kg of Chaunsa & 80kg of langra from Mr Salman at 80/kg & 50/kg Respectively paid by cheque.
  • Purchased 4 Decorated kart at 40,000 each paid by cheque.
  • Returened 5kg of chaunsa & 8kg of langra to Mr. Salman.
  • Sold 20kg chaunsa & 22kg langra for 100 & 65 Rupees per Kg on cash.
  • Deposited Additional 500,000 in business account.
  • Installed 2 Deep freezers at a cost of 500,000 paid by personal account.
  • Due to high demand Mr. ADEEL purchased 100kg Chaunsa at 70 Rupees per KG.
  • Sold 50kg mangoes at 100 Rupees per KG. Received cheque for the payment.
  • Paid shop Rent 120,000 by cheque