6 things we heard about Covid-19 in Desi households


1. Yahoodi sazish

This is the most common theory among desis for anything wrong in the world.

2. Corona to hai hi nhi

Some confident 'Desis' doesn't even believe about this pandemic. According to them this is all just a big conspricy. 

3. Sab dollar ka chakkar hai

Some claim that people are getting paid to show POSITIVE Covid-19 diagnosis. While others claim govt getting paid with more people dying

4. Onions, "Sana makki" can cure corona.

Though no scientific evidence exists, but people seem to believe this. And whatsapp conversations are full of these "remedies".

5. Mask ku pehna hai bewakoof ho?

6. Hum Jawan hain Humain nhi hoga

Desis value their "jungli jawani" too much to care for some pandemic. 'CHARHTI JAWANI METI CHAAL MASTANI'.

*Disclaimer: This article is sarcastic piece based of common myths/ rumors surrounding on internet and general public. doesn't claim any information to be absolutely accurate. If you have any symptoms go to your medical consultant asap.


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