What Should I Write In Maximum Size In Value Set? | ORACLE BASIC PART 3


Maximum Size in a value set defines the digits you can use while recording transactions.

Suppose while implementing Oracle you has 4 separate businesses, and you let the value set for the COMPANY segment to 1 means you can add only 9 companies in COMPANY segment.

But after a while you got more than 9 businesses, now what you have to do is implement another oracle for your business, as you cannot edit the previous one.

It is important to choose Maximum Size a bit more than what you think of.

  • In Case of COMPANY, it is highly recommended to set Maximum Size to 2. It gives you an opportunity to add up to 99 companies in one Oracle. You can also go for Maximum size of 3 to 4 until or unless you are a multi billionaire.

  • For NATURAL ACCOUNT, Maximum Size of 5 to 6 is much better as it will cover all of your business assets, liabilities, equity, expenses and Revenue.

  • For DEPARTMENT, Maximum Size of 2 to 3 is better as it will cover all of your business departments and gives you an opportunity to add more.

  • For LOCATION, Maximum Size of 2 to 3 is reliable; you can add up to 99 or 999 of your business locations. Same goes for Location too, in case your business is multi-national you can go for 4 or more, depending on the business.

  • FUTURE ACCOUNT Maximum Size can be set to 2 to 3, as you never know what you are going to do in future.